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CD Online is an Australian independent online retailer which boasts over 130,000 titles in its catalogue. Apart from popular chart CDs and new releases, many of the items on our site are not found at your local CD store. You will find rare CDs, imports and back catalogue of artists sourced from hundreds of distributors. If you can't find it listed on our site, ask us! Please feel welcome to browse our store.


CD Online was first launched November 2002.
CD Online still delivers an expanding range of music and film in an ever updated catalogue. Most popular titles are released locally in Australia, however nearly 50% of the back catalogue on CD Online are imports from around the world. Search lists and each individual product pages will stipulate import status.


There is no need to set up an account when purchasing on CD Online. You can submit your order instantly with only one online form to fill out. You will receive an email order confirmation after submitting your order. If there are several items in the one order, items will be sent out seperatly as they come into stock - at no extra freight charge. This way, you don't have to wait forever for all items to be in stock before they are delivered. Even though your card is charged on the day of placing your order (or next business day), you can cancel for a refund at any time. Obviously if items become unavailable, you will be notified and your card refunded accordingly.


CD Online uses a database of over 130,000 catalogue items which is updated frequently. With the sheer amount of titles on back catalogue, distributors may delete, re-issue or make a run of certain titles depending on demand. If its not a common title, it may take a little longer to get in - so bare with us. We will do our best to source these items, however delays do occur which are beyond our control. Of course if your order item becomes unavailable, we will happily refund the value of the item and any postal costs.


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    3. Fill in your details in the form and print off the screen. If you do not have a computer, a typed or hand written note with your order items (and amounts) and grand total will be sufficient. Don't forget to include your name, contact and delivery details so we know where to post your order.
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