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FAQ - CD Online


How long does it take for my order to arrive?

As we list over 130,000 titles, many items are sourced from several different suppliers and distributors. Each product on our site will have an estimated shipping time frame stated on the its dedicated information page. Items in stock will be sent within 1 to 2 days. Items not in stock may be sent seperately.

If I order multiple items, will they be sent together or seperately?

If all items are not in stock, they will be sent in seperate parts so you can get each CD as quick as possible. Wherever possible we will send as many items as we can together, however since many items are sourced from many different suppliers from Australia and countries all over the world, we would not want you to wait till the last item in your order is filled before sending it out.

Will I be charged extra when items are being sent out seperately?

No, you are only charged once for postage no matter how many items you order and how many seperate lots they are sent out to you.

Why are some items a different price to what they were last week?

Record labels and distributors often have sales that begin at a certain date and have an expiry date. We will put up a sale in accordance with their sales and pass on the special price to you. On other occasions, the regular price of an item can drop or increase depending the suppliers price structure, or as items become more popular they can also decrease in price to be more competitive.

My order item took longer to come in than the time frame shown?

CD Online uses a database of over 130,000 catalogue items which is updated frequently. We cannot stock every single item at any one time. If items are not in stock they are ordered in as required. (An average music store on the street will stock only 2 - 5,000 different titles at any one time . We are an independent online store with a very large choice. ) With the sheer amount of titles on back catalogue, distributors may delete, re-issue or make a run of certain titles depending on demand. If its not a common title, it may take a little longer to get in - so bare with us. We will do our best to source these items, however delays do occur which are beyond our control. Of course if your order item becomes unavailable, we will happily refund the value of the item and any postal costs.

When am I charged for my order?

If choosing the PayPal checkout method, you make payment at the time of placing your order.
If choosing the Credit Card checkout, in most cases payment is not processed until the day of despatch of your order (or despatch of the first part of your order).

How do I use the mail order service?

If you would like to send your order through the mail, just follow these steps:
1. Search for you products and add items to the cart in the ussual way.
2. Hit the grey "checkout" button in the cart once you have added all your items.
3. Fill in your details in the form and print off the screen. If you do not have a computer, a typed or hand written note with your order items (and amounts) and grand total will be sufficient. Don't forget to include your name, contact and delivery details so we know where to post your order.
4. Send your order to:
CD Online Mail Order

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